10 Best Heavy Duty Cases For Your iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

The latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have started to make their way to consumers who would want to protect their phones from scratches and dents, especially the Jet Black variant which Apple cautions may scratch easily. Here are 10 best heavy duty cases for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO Series The case

admin admin July 4, 2022

YouTube Go Is Branching Out To More Than 130 Countries

Google faces off with Facebook as the two companies strive to reach more viewers in territories with limited mobile internet. Google-owned YouTube is focusing on expanding the coverage of the lite version of its video streaming app, YouTube Go, which is currently available in 15 countries. Through an official blog post, the company revealed its plans to expand to more

admin admin July 4, 2022

Google Screening Android TV Apps Prior to Play Store Arrival

In a rather surprising move, Google will now be screening Android TV app submissions before they become available to users at the Play Store. While this seems like a normal move, it is surprising considering the low level of screening that takes place for apps aimed at Android smartphones and tablets. "Before distributing apps to the Play Store on Android

admin admin July 4, 2022

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With Android Oreo Comes Samsung Experience 9.0: Color Lens, Finder, And More New Features Included

It always takes a while before Samsung releases its own custom version

admin admin July 4, 2022

Amazon Fire TV Stick Shipping, But Few Will Find One Under the Tree

While the Fire Phone flamed out, Amazon's Fire TV Stick is being

admin admin July 4, 2022

AR Stickers Arrive To Android Smartphones Thanks To Google’s Motion Stills App

Google is now bringing augmented reality stickers support to the Motion Stills

admin admin July 4, 2022

Did You Know That Snapchat Added A Do Not Disturb Feature? Well, Now You Do

Snap Inc. rolled out a Do Not Disturb feature to Snapchat, and

admin admin July 4, 2022

Gorilla Glass May Be the Google of Mobile Screens

Corning, with its Gorilla Glass innovation, is the industry standard when it

admin admin July 4, 2022
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